FOUNDED: March 1, 2010; Aurora, Kentucky




The Kentucky Lake Economic Development Council (KLEDC) 
was co-founded on March 1, 2010.  

Economic Revitalization in the KenLake/Aurora area of Marshall County is one of the top priorities of the Council and its members, as well as the County and the State of Kentucky.  Our intent is to make a dramatic economic revitalization impact on this area of West Kentucky.   

Marshall County has had the good fortune to have some of the areas most industrious leaders to head various projects and their time and efforts are to be commended. 

The current Petition drive being conducted by the council and its members is for a new boat launch ramp, staging area and upgrading of the parking area inside KenLake State Resort Park.  This Petition drive is gathering signatures to present to the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department for support to seek grant money for this project.  This project is also an effort to support and bring back Fishing Tournaments and Shows to the KenLake/Aurora region.

The newly proposed Kenlake Beach Renewal Project, was voted on as the most important by the council members.  This project  will also add a tremendous amount of revenue for our county and the State Park in the near future by bringing in more recreational activities for families to enjoy.  This project includes renewal and upgrade of the Concession stand area.  This project will also include the addition of three new pavilions for families to have pic-nics.  

We are fortunate to have a recreational facility such as KenLake State Park's in our county and our community.  The Council  will also be working very hard trying to find ways to recruit businesses to come to Marshall County in the Kenlake-Aurora region.

The Kentucky Lake Economic Development Council (KLEDC) is a non-profit organization facilitating a community-driven process to revitalize the commercial corridors of the Kentucky Lake area, the Kentucky Lake State Park and the region surrounding this area, following a comprehensive four-point strategy of organization, public outreach and marketing, physical improvements, and economic development. 

KLEDC and the members of the Council are dedicated to helping residents, businesses and property owners, non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, and other stakeholders to work together across the boundaries of race, income, sector, politics, and geography to enhance their respective talents and resources in order to increase the economic competitiveness of the area, to develop, nurture, and support historic preservation in the neighborhoods, and to improve the quality of life for everyone.  Through the KLEDC program the neighborhoods making up the Aurora-Kenlake target area, and many other communities in the region, will become even more attractive and exciting places for residents and visitors alike to live, love, work, play, and pray.

The target area is roughly bounded by the Purchase Parkway to the west, Interstate 24 to the east, Gilbertsville and Eddyville to the north, and the Tennessee state line to the south. The organization’s outreach and influence, however, will not be necessarily limited by these boundaries.

The Kentucky Lake Economic Development Councils goal is to establish sustainable, self-sufficient but integrated business districts where residents and visitors can find everything they might need within the vibrant, walkable communities.  Our Main Street program will support the work of volunteers to make cities and communities around Kentucky Lake an even more attractive and exciting place for residents and visitors alike.