MARSHALL COUNTY– The Kentucky Department of Parks is seeking information to help develop a proposal that would allow vendors to bid on operating its golf courses, which would include the 18-hole, par 72 course at Kentucky Dam Village in Gilbertsville and 9-hole par 3 at Kenlake in Aurora.  A “request for information” has been issued that allows interested parties to provide information about the operation and leasing of 12 eighteen-hole courses and six nine-hole courses operated by state parks. 

The information gathered from this request will be used to develop a formal “request for proposal” in the state bidding process. The request for information is due by Aug. 18. The request is posted on the Finance Cabinet’s website at It will also be advertised in Kentucky newspapers. One of the recommendations in the Kentucky State Parks strategic plan is to reduce the costs of golf operations. Since golf is traditionally a private-sector business, the state parks are proposing to have a concessionaire operate the courses. Parks plan to issue a request for proposal around the end of September.


From the Marshall County Tribune Courier Newspaper - 04.13.2010 - 

A meeting at Kenlake State Resort Park will be held on April 19 to discuss the future of Aurora.  "Its about the future of the Aurora-Kenlake area," Marshall County Judge Executive Mike Miller said.  "What can we do, what steps can we take as a community to spur business.  We will take part in that focus group."

Miller said he and other members of county government will be going to listen and discern if they can help spur any business activity in the area.  "They're working on several things," said commissioner Bob Gold.  "They're looking at a Farmers Market around the visitors center.  They're going to have a car show on the last Saturday of the month.  They're trying to get some folks to move on back to Aurora and see what's going on."

From the Marshall County Tribune Courier Newspaper - 04.30.2010

Bob Metzger and JW Davis were present at the Fiscal Court meeting to update the court on the progress organizations in the Aurora area have made in adopting programs for encouraging economic development.  Representing the Kentucky Lake Economic Development Council, Mr. Metzger outlined to the court the organizations goals for promoting both tourism and economic growth in the lakes area.

The Farmers Market in Aurora, which is opening in May, is one such program which has been developed to help bring in more people into the Aurora area.  Mr. Davis is directing the Farmers Market and Open Air Trade Market that will be held on May 7 & 8 and thereafter each Friday and Saturday through October.
From the Marshall County Times newspaper - 05.21.2010  

Aurora, KY - The second meeting of the Kentucky Lake Economic Development Council was held on Monday, May 17, 2010 at the Kenlake State Park Hotel.  Marshall County Judge Executive Mike Miller, Sheirff Kevin Byars and First District County Commissioner Bob Gold attended the meeting along with Aurora business owners and leaders as well as the Jonathon Aurora Action Committee (JAAC) President.  Other members of the JACC organization also attended.  Also attending the meeting was George Sholar, Chairman of the Friends of Cherokee Park, John Rittenhouse, Manager of Kenlake State Park, JW Davis, Marshall County Farmers Market Organizer and Market Manager, Randy Newcomb, Marshall County Tourism Director, as well as Rory Brewer, candidate for County Commissioner in the First District.

Martin "Bob" Metzger, chairman of the Marshall County Farmers Market and Outdoor Open Air Trade Market MC'd the event.   The meeting started off with an introduction of the 27 attendees going around introducing themselves.

Discussion moved into the Nuisance Abatement Law currently in place in Marshall County. Sheriff Kevin Byars discussed with the audience on future efforts to upgrade the current law in placeto give the county more "teeth" to enforce properties that are abandoned, littered with trash and debris and left in ruin.  Metzger discussed that to properly move forward with economic development in the Kenlake-Aurora area, these types of properties must be cleaned up.

The meeting moved forward with those in attendance marking ballots choosing between six major revitalization projects out of 23 projects that they felt were the most important to concentrate in the Kenlake-Aurora area.

The six most important projects chosen were: 1. Reopening the Kenlake Beach area, 2. Additional Kenlake Marina Boat Ramp/Construction/Upgrade, 3. It was a tie between more signs being installed on Hwy 80/68 with information of whats in Kenlake-Aurora area, more Rallies, Fishing Tournaments 7 Festivals being held in the area, and eliminating empty vacant buildings by enforcing the county nuisance ordnance, 4. was a tie between upgrading the Kenlake Amphitheater and upgrading the Tennis building into a Convention Center, 5. was a tie between better accomodations and deals for fishermen attending tournaments, upgrading and facelifting the Aurora downtown area with streetlights and sidewalks as well as upgrading the sewer system, cleaning up ice storm damange to Cherokee Park, more business development in the Kenlake-Aurora area, promoting the area better through the Chamber of Commerce, monitoring the finish of the new Barkley Lake and Kentucky Lake bridges over the water and obtaining a mini-mall to the area, 6. building a new Aurora/Ross Fire Station with an ambulance or EMS service located at the new fire station, including a new fire boat for Kentucky Lake in this district, keeping the bank in the area, and changing the Aurora County Festival date so it does not conflict with other festivals in the region.

Marshall County Judge Executive Mike Miller spoke about the possibility of the Marshall County Farmers Market expanding over time and growing and about the positive aspect of these various projects moving forward. 

The last part of the meeting centered on the creation of the Kentucky Lake Economic Development Council.  

Metzger explained this council and the Kenlake-Aurora Economic Revitalization project was born as a result of the opening of the Marshall County Farmers Market and a greater desire by business owners and county officials to develope the Kenlake-Aurora region into an area that would attract more tourismand business to the region.

Many attendee's signed up to be on the council.  The council is looking for other interested business owners, area leaders and officials to join the organization if interested.

The next meeting of the council will be at the Kenlake State Park Hotel on Tuesday  at 7:00 pm.