Marshall County Farmers Market Will Open May 7 & 8 In Aurora
Will Continue Every Weekend Through Summer

On Monday, April 19, 2010, an Economic Development Revitalization Meeting was held at Kenlake State Resort about the future of the Aurora-Kenlake area.  Mr. Martin “Bob” Metzger, a retired business executive from Pirates Cove Resort and Chairman of the Marshall County Farmers Market & Open Air Trade Market soon opening in Aurora in May headed the meeting to bring together business owners and public officials.  Metzger is a former successful business owner for 40 years and served on many committees and organizations.  He is currently the Vice-President of the Owners Association of Pirates Cove Resort Inc and Senior Coordinator of the Pirates Cove Resort Neighborhood Watch Association.  Also attending the meeting were Marshall County Judge Executive Mike Miller, Marshall County Economic Director, Josh Tubbs, and State Representative Will Coursey.  Also attending the meeting were many other candidates for office in Marshall County including Troy DeFew, Jimmie Tubbs, Troy English, and Rory Brewer as well as a representative from Mayor Randall Scott's office in Hardin, KY.  Also in attendance were  Aurora -Ross  Fire Chief  Rick Sirls and his wife Marsha and Kenlake State Resort Park Manager, John Rittenhouse and many local business owners.                                                                                                                                                                    
Mr. Metzger also recognized and Thanked the candidates attending the meeting.  He also recognized and Thanked JW Davis, for helping organize the meeting as well as organizing, planning and working very hard for the upcoming Marshall County Farmers Market to make it a success.  The market will be opening at the Aurora Visitors Center grounds on May 7 & 8.  Davis serves as the Farmers Market Manager.   JW Davis has been working on organizing and planning the Marshall County Farmers Market since last November with the help of Secretary Sally Carter of the Jonathon Aurora Action Committee (JAAC).  “This has really been a joy to organize and plan.  I owe a lot of effort and success for this project to Sally Carter of JAAC for her positive and overwhelming support and influence.  The Marshall County Farmers Market is basically evolving into an event that could  have a major economic impact on the revitalization strategy of the Aurora-Kenlake area,”  Davis said.  “I believe this could be a potential and positive first step in securing this community on its way to economic revitalization that could benefit not only this  area of Marshall County, but the nearby Kenlake and Land Between the Lakes region”  Davis said.  “In addition to that, this Market will allow local farmers and sellers to offer their products to the people of this area, and they can appreciate and enjoy the quality of what they have to offer as well as supporting our local farmers not only in Marshall County, but adjoining counties”  Davis said. “This project is being developed as a two-pronged event, the Farmers Market portion of it and the Open Air Trade Market, which will allow local business owners and entrepreneurs to sell other merchandise they have available”  he said.  JW Davis is a Security Official for GuardMaster Security Services, a Personal and Property Protection company.  GuardMaster also does organizational and event planning.  Davis was also the Security Safety Coordinator for the Pirates Cove Resort community and is currently the Pirates Cove Resort Neighborhood Watch Association Safety Coordinator.  He is also a volunteer firefighter with the Aurora-Ross Fire Department and Hardin-South Marshall Fire Department.  Davis is also a member of the Marshall County First Responders Alliance and the Jonathon Aurora Action Committee.  He is also a candidate for Constable in the First District in Marshall County. “Its true I have a full plate to feast on, but I enjoy every minute of it”  he said. 

Mike Miller spoke for a few minutes about the willingness of the areas business owners and action committee organizations to work together to make an economic revitalization plan become reality.  “It is time for the areas organizations and business owners to work together to reach a positive conclusion in economically revitalizing the Aurora-KenLake area, similar to what we experienced years ago,”  Miller said.  “I can remember a time when Kenlake had a beach that was packed constantly every weekend.  It was one of “the” places to be.  That could also be part of an economic revitalization for this area again but that depends on the state”  Miller said.  “We can have that kind of area again and work with the state if we all put our minds to it and work together to achieve that, and the county would be fully behind the effort and will work in any way we can to help achieve  it”  he said.  “I can remember a time when the Aurora-Kenlake region was a booming area.  I grew up in this region, so naturally I am fond of it, but I know for a fact that this area of Kentucky has some of the most breathtaking and beautiful views of the lake and some of the best scenic wonders anywhere,”  Miller said.  “If we can work on contacting organizations to obtain grants from and work towards some of the goals we will talk about today, my office has two fantastic grant-writers who can put the proposals together so that we can move forward and accomplish the economic goals we wish to achieve,”  he said.   Miller also spoke about the need to build a new fire station for the Aurora-Ross Fire Department and about the grant that has been submitted to achieve that goal. 

Fire Chief Rick Sirls discussed  the need to locate a Marshall County EMS Ambulance at the new fire station when it is built. 

About 50 anxious and ambitious people attended the meeting, from county officials and dignitaries to Aurora-Kenlake area business owners. 

Metzger then had those in attendance to break up into focus groups and brainstorm ideas on how to further economically revitalize the Aurora-Kenlake region.  After about 30 minutes, a spokesperson from every focus group came forward and wrote down their ideas for everyone to see.  Each person from that group spoke about why their ideas could benefit the revitalization of the area and region.  “I have found out, over the years of serving on different committees and organizations, that when you get people to talk and work together in groups, you can get some wonderful and awesome ideas of how to move forward,”  he said.  “In addition to that, you can have the benefit of people truly working together for the common good of the community and that can lead down a path to  unstoppable success,”  Metzger said.  “Don't underestimate the power of the people working together to achieve anything they put their minds to,”  he said. 

One of the biggest ideas and one that gained the most favor as a revitalization project for the area was to revitalize and re-open the Kenlake Beach, Concession area and bath-house area.  That appears to be the next major project for the area to accomplish.  Business owners in the immediate area said if that could be accomplished,it would definitely get more tourism and area residents into the area.  Some of the other ideas the groups put forward included improvements to the sewer systems and street lights for the community. 

Also mentioned were incorporating into a city, hosting annual events, improvements to Kenlake, bike trails, additional boat launches in the marina area, more parking, converting the tennis building in Kenlake into a Convention Center, building a water-park, building more hotel rooms, improving the Kenlake amphitheater by building a band shell and stage area so that performers could be protected from the weather.  Other ideas put forth were hosting more events such as annual fishing tournaments, annual boat show, annual county music hoedown, annual gospel music shows, annual coin shows, and annual stamps shows. 

Also discussed was the formation of a Friends of Kenlake Committee or the formation of the Kenlake/Aurora Economic Development Council.  “In the coming month's we plan on meeting with many business leaders and owners, as well as local, county and state officials to discuss and move forward with at least a half-dozen projects to make these ideas a reality,”  Metzger said.  “In addition to that we will be contacting and seeking out interested organizations and parties to carry forward this economic revitalization plan for this area to make the Aurora-Kenlake and Land Between the Lakes area a major tourist attraction and an area where people would want to live and raise their families,”  he said. 
These topics and more will be discussed at the next Economic Revitalization meeting on Monday, May 17, 2010 at Kenlake State Resort Park hotel.

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FRIDAY 11.12.2010


M111510-Kenlake State Park, Kentucky Lake, Aurora, KY-Members of the Kentucky Lake Economic Development Council (KLEDC) are meeting with Paul Rister, a representative from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife and Engineers at the stie of the proposed construction of a new boat launch ramp, staging area and updated parking area on Tuesday, November 16, 2010.  A summary will be presented to the Fish & Wildlife representatives and Engineers by the KLEDC council members at that time.  In addition, Fish & Wildlife engineers will brief the council members on prior engineering examinations done by the engineers.  Discussion will also include methods for moving forward on finding grant money for the construction of the new boat launch ramp at Kenlake State Park.

Martin "Bob" Metzger, KLEDC Executive Director and JW Davis, Planning Coordinator for the council will be going to the state captiol in Frankfort at a later date to present the Summary, and Signature Petitions which will request Fish and Wildlife to seek grant money for the construction of the project.

For addtional comments or questions on this press release,
please contact the council at 270.205.4187.


The council would like to give a big THANK YOU to the following businesses and locations that participated in allowing Petitions to be placed at their location for signatures on a project that will economically revitalize our communities.


FAST EDDIES BAIT-N-TACK – HARDIN & FAIRDEALING, KY                                                                           ONE STOP AURORA – AURORA, KY                                                                                                        AURORA VISITORS CENTER – AURORA, KY                                                                                 
KENLAKE MARINA – KENLAKE STATE PARK, KENTUCKY LAKE                                                          MARSHALL COUNTY JUDGE/EXECUTIVE MIKE MILLERS OFFICE – BENTON, KY                               MARSHALL COUNTY FIRST DISTRICT COMMISSIONER BOB GOLDS OFFICE – BENTON, KY                        KEN OAK RESORT – AURORA, KY                                                                                                                 AURORA GENERAL STORE – AURORA, KY                                                                                                  MAIL BOXES PLUS – COURT SQUARE – BENTON, KY                                                                            PIRATES COVE RESORT OFFICE – HARDIN, KY                                                                                             THE HITCHING POST – AURORA, KY                                                                                                              DIXIE DOGS AT THE HITCHING POST – AURORA, KY                                                                                    BENTON CITY HALL – BENTON, KY                                                                                                                MARSHALL COUNTY SHERIFF OFFICE – BENTON, KY                                                                                   USDA OFFICE – BENTON, KY                                                                                                                         MARSHALL COUNTY FARM BUREAU OFFICE – BENTON, KY                                                                         MARSHALL COUNTY TOURISM OFFICE – DRAFFENVILLE, KY                                                                       FIN & FEATHER MOTEL/LODGE – AURORA, KY                                                                                              KAYLEES RESTAURANT – AURORA, KY

SATURDAY 11.13.2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010



Kenlake State Park, Aurora, KY - At the May, 2010 Kentucky Lake Economic Development Council (KLEDC) meeting, members discussed a project for the addition of a New Boat Launch Ramp, Staging Area, and Parking Upgrade.  This was discussed heavily as one of the projects that council members agreed would enhance economic development in the area and the possible benefits that could come from this project. 

JW Davis, Planning Coordinator for the council was assigned to put the Petition together for the next council meeting.  JW Davis worked together with Council Executive Director Martin “Bob” Metzger and other council members to develop the Kenlake -Aurora New Boat Launch Ramp Petition

At the July, 2010 council meeting, a Signature Petition Drive for construction of a new Boat Launch Ramp, Boat and Trailer Staging Area, and Parking Upgrade was again heavily discussed by the council.  After this discussion the council agreed to circulate the Petitions immediately at local businesses across the county for signatures, which would then be  presented to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife at a later date.  A deadline of November 1, 2010 was agreed upon by the members for collection of the Signature Petitions.

Bob Metzger and JW Davis attended a July, 2010 Marshall County Fiscal Court meeting.  Bob Metzger presented the Fiscal Court with an update of the KLEDC meeting discussions and results as well as a copy of the Signature Petition that would be distributed around the county in a signature drive.

Regular briefings and Press Releases have been released by KLEDC regularly to inform business leaders, county officials and local media outlets across the area of the progression of this  project.

As of today, signatures collected on the Kenlake-Aurora New Boat Launch Ramp Petitions total 511.

The KLEDC, by proof of over 500 signatures collected over the past few months call on the State of Kentucky to obtain grant money to facilitate construction of a new two lane boat launch ramp, staging area and parking upgrade in the Kenlake State Park near Aurora.

KLEDC will continue to work on obtaining Corporate Sponsorship and/or additional funding from appropriate organizations interested in being involved in this economic development revitalization  project. 

KLEDC will also work towards getting fishing tournaments and sporting events to return to the Kenlake State Park, Aurora areas immediately.  It is the councils belief this will facilitate increased tourism to the Marshall County, Kentucky-Aurora region.

In addition, the KLEDC and its memebers believe this new Boat Launch Ramp at Kenlake would be an added benefit for quick response by the Marshall County Emergency First Responders organizations; such as the Aurora-Ross Fire Department New Marine Rescue Boat(s) as well as the Marshall County Sheriff Departments Marine Division New Patrol Boat and other Emergency Marine Operations for Water Rescues and Fires in this part of Kentucky Lake in Marshall County. 

For addtional comments or questions on this press release,
please contact the council at 270.205.4187.

Monday 01.05.11


Aurora, KY - Representatives from the Kentucky Lake Economic Development Council  met with Fish & Wildlife officials and engineers on Tuesday, November 12, 2010.  Martin (Bob) Metzger, Economic Council Exectutive Director, JW Davis, Economic Council Planning Coordinator, Economic Council member and co-owner of Baits-N-More in Aurora, Kenlake State Park Assistant Manager Joe Smith, Kenlake Marina Manager Joe Walsh all met with Park & Wildlife representatives near the site of the proposed new boat ramp at the state park.  Fish & Wildlife representatives were Paul Rister,